Acrylic on gessoed board
42" x 42" (107cm x 107cm)

Limited Edition Print available
Giclee print (archival quality inks on archival grade fine art paper) 15" x 15": edition of 50 copies.
Print only: £125 incl p&p UK.  (For outside the UK please contact the Studio.)
A signed ltd edition full colour brochure including a CD is included with this purchase.

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Listen to GOLDFISH

Who is to say from a painterly point of view, that I have placed the goldfish to advantage or not within the composition.  They belong wherever they please within the confines of a pond and look just right. Therefore, I have a liberating painting experience, a childlike freedom to enjoy their motionless grace, or flashes of light darting like fireworks. It's pure enjoyment of painting with nobody to tell you off. This is essentially the spirit of Goldfish and Marginal Movements, the piano has a certain dignified structure, yet remains within the realms of an introduction, childlike again, though this time, its sleepy time, time. Mussorgsky's, “Pictures at an Exhibition” had a wonderful recurring promenade, I just had to have one too, as a theme, and within the ambience of the show itself.

GOLDFISH ( A MARGINAL CONCLUSION ). Written and performed by William Neal. Instruments; piano, Roland G800 Workstation.

WILLIAM NEAL does not read music, has an obscure sense of timing, and is prone to playing the wrong note twice, to make it sound intentionaL He played in a blues band in the 1960s, and after learning 3 chords wanted to turn professional. During the 1970s he played with Don Hooley, and although he arrived late at the wrong venue, they remained on very good speaking terms. After many years of absence from the music scene, Marginal Movements sees him playing the piano once more with the enthusiasm of a three year old. The Harmonica is really his forte, sadly. there are no harmonica parts in marginal movements.


24 Ryan Gardens,
Ryan Bay Caravan Park

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